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western refining adp

Her career began at Rudolph Miles and Sons, a custom house brokerage company, and has culminated at RMPersonnel, a staffing company that she has successfully managed since its inception in 1990. Ceci spends numerous hours volunteering in many community and non-profit organizations. Currently, she serves on the board of directors for the Borderplex Bi-National Economic Alliance, the Burkitt Foundation and various other advisory boards. She is a director emeritus of the El Paso Zoological Society and was honored in 2006 by UTEP’s College of Education with the Gold Nugget Award and as a Distinguished Alumni in 2010. John Mack oversees global business & technology solutions in Ireland and El Paso for Prudential. He is also on the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility & Community Engagement Council. Prior to this role, he worked as a IT Manager for Prudential, Senior Project Manager for Fannie Mae, IT Project Manager for GECU, and Operations Specialist for Bank of America.

It is important to note that all known pADPr antibodies fail to detect polymers shorter than ∼10 ADPr residues. Given that the PARP-5a used in our assay is purified from mitotic extract, it is probable that a relevant amount if pADPr is associated with PARP-5a in the 0 μM NAD+, but is not visualized on the pADPr immunoblot.

western refining adp

Poly(ADP-ribose) , made by PARP-5a/tankyrase-1, localizes to the poles of mitotic spindles and is required for bipolar spindle assembly, but its molecular function in the spindle is poorly understood. To investigate this, we localized pADPr at spindle poles by immuno-EM. We then developed a concentrated mitotic lysate system from HeLa cells to probe spindle pole assembly in vitro.

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This suggests a relatively high-affinity interaction between NuMA and pADPr that is independent of the exact chain length or local density of pADPr. One of these binding proteins is NuMA, which appears to bind directly to the polymer through its rod domain, as assayed with bacteria-expressed NuMA fragments. Of these proteins, the most obvious candidate for a role in spindle pole assembly was NuMA. This protein was found in all LC/MS analyses of pADPr-binding proteins and was confirmed in multiple Western blot experiments (e.g., see Figure 5). NuMA was not found in the RNA-binding proteins from mitotic lysate as assayed by Western blot , so it binds pADPr specifically.

  • Given that the PARP-5a used in our assay is purified from mitotic extract, it is probable that a relevant amount if pADPr is associated with PARP-5a in the 0 μM NAD+, but is not visualized on the pADPr immunoblot.
  • Thus, both the mechanisms that promote clustering of minus ends and the assembly of exactly two spindle poles are of basic and practical interest.
  • Monica Vargas-Mahar is the market chief operating officer for the Hospitals of Providence and the chief executive officer for their Sierra Campus in El Paso.
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  • Beads coated with mitotic PARP-5a from which pADPr chains were extended induced robust formation of microtubule asters , suggesting that the presence of pADPr on PARP-5a is required for microtubule aster assembly around the beads.

The experiment was performed as in panel a, except that 1 mg/ml RanQ69L was added in place of centrosomes. The Ran asters are less focused than centrosome-induced asters, as judged by PARP-5a and NuMA fluorescence. Examples of structures that assembled when mitotic chromosomes alone or mitotic chromosomes and centrosomes were incubated in lysate. When chromosomes and centrosomes were mixed, spindle-like assemblies containing dense microtubule bundles were observed. Much of our effort went into developing methods for identifying proteins that bind noncovalently and specifically to pADPr in mitotic cells and might function together with pADPr in spindle pole assembly. We took the approach of incubating PARP-5a modified with pADPr in mitotic lysate and identifying proteins that bound to it. This approach has the advantage that the pADPr is generated by the pole-relevant PARP in mitotic lysate and thus presumably has a physiological pADPr structure.

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National companies with a strong presence in El Paso include among others Automatic Data Processing, Inc. , Western Refining, and Union Pacific Railroad. Monica Vargas-Mahar is the market chief operating officer for the Hospitals of Providence and the chief executive officer for their Sierra Campus in El Paso. In her previous role, Monica served as the COO at the Hospitals of Providence, Memorial Campus. Following in the footsteps of his late grandfather and father, Bob Hoy and Steve Hoy, Drew is a member of the Borderplex Alliance and is proud to continue the family legacy of providing excellent service at Hoy Family Auto and serving the community. After graduating from the University of Denver, he worked in the Denver auto market for several years before returning to his hometown of El Paso. He is also a graduate of the National Automobile Dealers Association. J.J. Childress is the Community Engagement Manager for Microsoft’s TechSpark program.

In most experiments 1 mM NAD+ and 1 μM ADP-HPD were also added to protect and grow pADPr chains. If incubated with ARH3, samples were subsequently washed three times 10 min with cell lysis buffer containing 300 mM NaCl followed by one time for 10 min with cell lysis buffer and then eluted with SDS-PAGE sample buffer. To identify proteins that QuickBooks bind to pADPr in mitotic lysate, we performed LC/MS on gel bands excised from the experiment shown in Figure 4e, lane 4, as indicated by the boxes on the gel lane . We avoided bands that seemed to be common to the RNA and pADPr lanes and also with an abundant high-molecular-weight band that we already knew to be mostly filamin and spectrin.

A few gold particles were observed in sections from control IgG- or IgY-stained cells . Anti-pADPr staining (LP96–10 or pADPr) resulted in many gold particles near the spindle pole, particularly in the region between the centrosome and the spindle proper, where minus ends of spindle microtubule converge. Concentrated mitotic lysate was supplemented with Alexa 594–labeled tubulin at an empirical dilution that was optimized for each extract. Centrosomes, chromosomes, RanQ69L (1 mg/ml final), or magnetic beads coated with GFP-PARP-5a-pADPr were added, and the reaction was incubated at 20°C for 30 min. Aliquots of the reaction were spotted onto slides using wide-bore pipette tips and were imaged immediately. With the ongoing business and industrial expansion, a strong commercial and residential real estate market, and an excellent quality of life, the Borderplex has experienced solid growth during a time when many areas of the U.S. continue to face uncertainty.

western refining adp

Rodrigo is a member of the El Paso del Norte Group and serves on the boards of various companies in the banking and telecommunications industry. In 2001, Rodrigo graduated from UTEP with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in finance. An engineering, business, and management consulting expert with over twenty-five years’ experience, Peter Chan started his career in Texas. His experience also includes managing large projects and starting up new business lines in water, wastewater and membrane projects for municipal and industrial clients. Peter now runs his own real estate investment firm in Arizona, where he currently manages real estate investment properties, property development, investment funding, and water and wastewater consulting. Peter enjoys staying active in the community, having established an endowed scholarship at UTEP, while serving as a guest speaker globally for engineering firms, corporations, and student groups.

TechSpark is a national civic program aimed at fostering greater economic opportunity and job creation through partnership with rural and smaller metropolitan communities. Is also the founder of Proper Printshop Productions and previously worked as a Financial Advisor for Per Stirling and Raymond James. He is actively involved in the community and serves on the board of directors for Fab Lab El Paso, The Borderplex Alliance Entrepreneurship Taskforce, and City of El Paso Regional Renewable Energy Advisory Council.

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Freshdesk is an online cloud-based customer service software providing helpdesk support. Your business case needs to show how people data can be tied to business goals and turned into defined KPIs so your stakeholders are as convinced as you are. Today’s digital landscape means limitless possibilities, and also complex security risks and threats. At ADP, security is integral to our products, our business processes and our infrastructure.

Cell-cycle regulation of PARP-5a has not been directly measured before, but we provide biochemical evidence that it is indeed strongly up-regulated during mitosis. Thus, both the mechanisms that promote clustering of minus ends and the assembly of exactly two spindle poles are of basic and practical interest.

We do not know how the amount of pADPr attached to the PARP-5a in lysate compares to that in spindle poles in living cells. This is difficult to control in lysates, because PARG tends to hydrolyze pADPr, even when a PARG inhibitor was added, so we needed to actively promote PARP activity to observe PARP-5a modification and binding protein recruitment. NuMA was recruited efficiently even at relatively low levels of pADPr modification, unlike another candidate binding protein CH-TOG .

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All of these are abundant and are common contaminants in immunopurification assays. This might reflect nonspecific binding or possibly an RNA-mimic function of pADPr.

G.A. West feels confident that we are the company you need for your project. Our pledge is more than just a promise; it is an ongoing commitment to outstanding quality and services. G.A. West is able to provide concise and responsible support on a timely basis due to our history of concentrating only in the Heavy Industrial Sector. Our ability to perform all of the major components and the quality and vetting of any suppliers and subcontractors allows us to meet and exceed safety, quality and schedule goals that are “key” to successfully completing projects with compressed schedules.

John is active within the community and serves on the Board of Directors for the UTEP Alumni Association and United Way of El Paso Young Leaders Society. He completed his BBA degree in Finance and Computer Information Systems at UTEP. Wilde A., Zheng Y. Stimulation of microtubule aster formation and spindle assembly by the small GTPase Ran. Wilde A., Lizarraga S. B., Zhang L., Wiese C., Gliksman N. R., Walczak C. E., Zheng Y. Ran stimulates spindle assembly by altering microtubule dynamics and the balance of motor activities. Nachury M. V., Maresca T. J., Salmon W. C., Waterman-Storer C. M., Heald R., Weis K. Importin beta is a mitotic target of the small GTPase Ran in spindle assembly. Merdes A., Ramyar K., Vechio J. D., Cleveland D. W. A complex of NuMA and cytoplasmic dynein is essential for mitotic spindle assembly. If the primary function of PARP-5a is to ensure that spindle assemble only two poles, one might expect its activity to be up-regulated during mitosis.

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As a control, we expressed a GFP fusion of catalytically inactive PARP-5a (GFP-PARP-5a PD) and purified it from lysate on magnetic beads using the same procedure. These beads are coated with PARP-5a polypeptide, but not with pADPr chains. Beads coated with catalytically inactive PARP-5a were unable to assemble microtubule asters in concentrated mitotic lysate . Beads coated with mitotic PARP-5a from which pADPr chains were extended induced robust formation of microtubule asters , suggesting that the presence of pADPr on PARP-5a is required for microtubule aster assembly around the beads.

We use cookies to improve security, personalize the user experience, enhance our marketing activities and for other business use. The Medical Center of the Americas Foundation, a 5013 nonprofit organization, is working to lead the development of the MCA campus and advance biomedical innovation in the Paso del Norte region. retained earnings balance sheet The Foundation’s mission is to position the Paso del Norte region as the global leader of health delivery, education and research, concentrating on issues unique to the Hispanic, border and military populations. MCA development is expected to attract many healthcare-related research and development businesses to the area.

El Paso’s growth in recent years has been driven largely by the major expansion of Fort Bliss, which is widely considered to be the most valuable military installation in North America. The Borderplex Alliance, a regional economic development group, is also working aggressively to attract other businesses in a variety of sectors, including aerospace and defense, life sciences, advanced manufacturing and logistics, business services, and tourism.

Asters assembled around the PARP-5a-pADPr beads were always located close to beads or bead aggregates, but the microtubules did not seem to emanate directly from the beads. Rather, the asters had distinct foci and appeared to associate laterally with the beads near these foci. To determine if the amount of pADPr on the beads affects microtubule aster assembly, we added increasing concentrations of NAD+ to the reaction . Addition of 250 μM and 500 μM NAD+ resulted in a concentration-dependent increase in the number of microtubule asters found associated with the beads, and the microtubule density in each aster . These data show that pADPr elongated from PARP-5a is capable of inducing assembly of pole-like microtubule asters in mitotic cytoplasm, arguing that it has a functional role in pole assembly in cells. We hypothesized that induction of microtubule asters by pADPr-coated beads depended on recruiting specific proteins from the mitotic lysate onto the pADPr polymers and set out to identify these proteins, as describe below. These approximately correspond to the domain organization of NuMA, representing the C- and N-terminal globular domains, and to a central, coiled-coil rod domain.

El Paso was home to El Paso Corporation formerly known as El Paso Natural Gas Company. Bound proteins were eluted with hot sample buffer and resolved by SDS-PAGE. We tested the effect of varying factors such ionic strength of lysis and wash buffers, incubation time/temperature, extent of pADPr modification, and g-force during lysate clarification, so as to maximize the efficiency and specificity of the capture reaction. In Figure 4 we report data from our current protocol, acknowledging that further experimentation is required to define the affinity and specificity of candidate pADPr-binding proteins . Magnetic beads coated with PARP-5a lacking catalytic activity (PD-PARP-5a) or PARP-5a decorated with pADPr (PARP-5a-pADPr) were added to concentrated mitotic lysate containing Alexa 594 tubulin and 1 μM ADP-ADHP to inhibit PARG activity. Note that pADPr-coated beads induced assembly of microtubule asters. Addition of extra NAD+ (+250 μM NAD+ and + 500 μM NAD+) to the lysate to promote additional pADPr polymerization increased the density of asters and the density of microtubules within them.

Past leadership positions include the Junior League of El Paso, YWCA El Paso Del Norte Region, Texas Women for the Arts, Texas Cultural Trust, The Hospitals of Providence, Tom Lea Institute, Lydia Patterson Institute, and Kids Excel El Paso. She is also a member of the El Paso Development Board, Murchison Park Initiative, El Paso Opera, City of El Paso’s Museums and Cultural Affairs Department. In 2006, the Junior League of El Paso inducted Tania into the El Paso Women’s Hall of Fame. Ruben Hernandez joined JPMorgan Chase Bank in 1992 as a credit analyst and was recently named market executive, where he is now responsible for the Middle Market and Business Banking divisions in El Paso and New Mexico. In June 2004, he joined the Corporate/International Department, which later became the Maquiladora Department, working as an underwriter and relationship manager.

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More than 70 Fortune 500 companies have offices in El Paso, including Western Refining, AT&T, ADP, Helen of Troy, Boeing, Delphi, Dish Network, Eureka, Hoover, Raytheon, State Farm and USAA. Police restored access to a major oil depot near Marseille after workers blocked it on Thursday, and the authorities also removed blockades at a depot near the south-western city of Bordeaux and at a third site near Clermont-Ferrand. Power up your marketing and get people to pay attention to your business, pursuit, or clients. Find prospects, develop your lists, and track your marketing campaigns without even having to leave the RocketReach suite. Find the most crucial people you need to bring your product to with our advanced search features and then immediately take action, leaving your competition in the dust. If you are a first time user you will need to register your account or create a new one, otherwise you can login on Andeavor Page with your previous login details. By using this site, you are agreeing to security monitoring and auditing.

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